He Luvs His Bird Dogs

My buddy Bob and I did our first deal about 3 years ago, it was one of my first deals cuz I had just got started doing Real Estate.

We have done 4 deals this year, closed on a big deal a few months ago that paid out $23,000 that we split with a third finder, That’s $7.666.66 Each

We now have a sweet deal closing this Friday that’s paying out $12,500 That’s $6,250 each

I luv this guy Bob, & we got 2 more were working on that he found.

He finds them and I get them sold.

This is the insane part, I don’t leave my comfy office chair, I have never seen any of the houses he finds, I never met the sellers. I’ve met the buyer by chance when we were both picking up checks at the Title company, and I’ve met with Bob several times, but usually I never even meet my finders, until I hand them a big check in person…

I do get off my butt and look at a few properties once in a while.

Let’s make some MONEY…