He Luvs Direct Mail

I got 2 calls this morning from my direct mailings, & these properties are exactly what I like, inherited and out of state absentee owned and older properties needing tons of repairs. Also not being advertised.

Sometimes these people dont call right away and I thought my mail campaign money was wasted, at first, but then,
I already got that 1 deal in escrow now that’s paying out 15K. So far I mailed out 600 post cards, but got 200 more going out today.

First caller has a 3/2 in Selma Ca, built in 73, nice area, with a pool, everything needs a complete updating, parents are in a care home. seller says floors are really bad, prob from their animals? House vacant. One of the sibling owners is in Arizona and coming down Saturday to sell this puppy. House needs re-stucco, pool needs replaster, & on and on. I’m drooling.

Second caller has a 4 unit in Kingsburg Ca, built in 41, converted residential, belonged to his father, a local doctor, that has been condemned by city cuz of the roof leaks, The main house has a frikin flat roof, with seperate units in the back. Seller lives in Texas and the units are vacant & free and clear, Oh baby.

I’m going to check out these properties, write up some low offers and I just might have a few more deals cooking this year.
So, sitting around on a cold Nov day and getting calls, Fun stuff.

Here is the Secret Sauce,
Target older properties, and Out of State owners.
I’m not getting many calls but the ones that come in are the Good Ones

So, I paid $380 for my list, and so far spent 3 or 4 hundred buks on stamps and postcards and ink.

Where do you get your post cards from? I haven’t seen any really affordable choices in that department.

I don’t always buy my post cards, but when I do I drink, I mean I get card stock at Amazon, heavy 90 lbs for the paltry sum of 10 or 12 clams. I got Amazon prime, I get free 2 day shipping on everything, I’ve saved so much on, what was I saying? Oh yea, get the card stock online and then take them to Office Max and they run them thru a fancy high dollar cutting machine, cut them into 4ths, so out of 250 card stock pieces you get 1,000 blank post cards, in any color you want.
I purchased this post card system 2 yrs ago, that has custom handwriting looking fonts and different post card templates.
Shows how to import all the names and addresses onto you post cards from your excel sheets. It also prints the target house and the absentee owners mailing address. Then we hand write the owners first name onto the card in same color ink, it almost looks handwritten.
But, I got my sister printing them out and she is slower than a cement tird. I want to try out the yellow letters business, just email them ur excel sheet and your message and they print them up and mail them for a nominal fee.

I got a few more calls this week, one lady tried to hide her desperation, she tells me she didn’t want to sell b4 but now she’s ready, she says someone is in there, the house, that’s not suppose to be but will be out by Jan.
She says she had upgraded b4 but not now because of the people there. Not sure what that means but I’m thinking house is trashed. with vandals and homeless.
She did claim to have a bunch of these letters and post cards asking to buy her house.
This house was sent to me by a bird dog I believe, I’ll go thru the folder to find him if this house pans out.
It’s a 3/2. 1200 SF in a bad part of town, under or next to the freeway. ARV is 120K and this house is perfect.
I mailed off an offer today for 60K, a little high cuz its a 3/2, I’m adjusting my offers cuz it seems prices are slowly rising and these fixers sell.

Grats on the good responses. Chase those deals!

How many times are you hitting your list with direct mail?

Love the info! I get a really good response from mailing thr same type of list!

Congrats on your success! Keep grinding and closing deals.

I got a new ad campaign going on Craig’s List for Bird dogs, of course I try to spice it up some by calling it an entry level Investor training.

Goes like this,

Real Estate Investor Trainee $Huge $Profits$
My name is Rando, I’m an Investor here in Clovis and I flip houses. My buddies and I specialize in distressed fixers and we have done a lot of deals here in the Fresno Kings & Tulare Counties. We need help finding them and pay a flat fee of $2,000 Cash finders fee on each and every property we buy or assign. No license required, all we need are addresses of distressed looking properties. I have a list of property finders with photos that I have paid out some serious cash to.
My favorite finder is Bob Hopkins in Visalia, We have completed a dozen deals in the last few years, but now he gets paid 50% and our most recent deal we split a 28K fee on a fixer in Hanford just a few months ago.
If you think this sounds too good to be true, I don’t blame you. But here is the catch. It takes work and we have to look at many deals to sift thru the crap.
If your interested in making some serious cash, not afraid of work, have the right mindset, & are focused and committed,
Your ready for the big time.
Most of our deals go down in under 30 days. I can give you some step by step instructions on finding these properties. Email me for my Info Pack or Call me direct for some one on one. 555555
I’m also looking for a hungry realtor that wants to prosper.
Let’s make some Money…

I also include photos of a dozen bird dogs I’ve paid holding the cash. I got a dozen calls and emails so far and I got one guy already sending me 30 addresses. I get the occasional deal from the bird dogs, but most my deals come from direct mail to absentee owners. I also have a list of high equity owners and my first mailing of a few hundred I didn’t get results, but he who gives up, loses.
So I’m also getting the direct mail back in gear, I have about 1200 post cards to send out.
It’s difficult spending the money cuz damn, the buks going out I cud spend on other things, like that new Ruger LC9 I want and that Mavic Pro Drone. But hell, gotta do the marketing or, no calls, no deals.
It’s gonna be a great year, I can feel it.

Getting calls is not a challenge or a main goal. Getting contracts are. Direct mail marketing or any intrusive marketing is not ideal. Will you make deals? Sure, with luck, and if you send a ton of mailers out, absolutely. I ade my first deal 3 months after I started from my first direct mail marketing campaign. I made 14K on my first deal. SO I am not knocking it. I am saying however that as you become more experienced, you will most likely come to see that DMM is definitely something on the back burner. I would focus on getting a website and start ranking for it.

I sent out hundreds of post cards last month and got 300 mailed this morning, all to my absentee owners and now I’m starting the High equity owners with older Pre- 1970 properties. I’ve only got a half dozen calls, that’s depressing, but sometimes I get the calls a month or 2 later.
But hold the phone, one of my callers has a nice property w 4 1/2 acres, her Mom wants full value and it needs 40-60K in updating, however she says her friend has a 4/2 in a choice nice neighborhood that he wud sell for the 240K I offered her Mom.
I looked at the house and the comps are at 300-340K I told her I wud take it, I’m meeting seller to get pics and the contract signed.
What’s really insane, I sent it to my fav buyer for 260K and he wants it. Come to Daddy.
I’ve been on this insane trek to become money conscious and attract wealth, man, I know it sounds like total BS, and my buddy Larry snickered wen he seen my books.
I told Larry to repeat the words, Health, wealth and happiness right b4 falling asleep, he snicked again and said he wud try it, but will he?

Imagine this scenario, seller purchases this nice high end house just 2 years ago, he’s always at his girl friends house in Madera, he’s making these outrageous monthly payments of mortgage and taxes and on and on, he’s ready to get out and agreed to sell for $1,000 more than he paid for it. I come riding in with an irresistible offer of cash and freedom from debt, the buyer gets a great deal for 40-60K in equity, the bottom feeding wholesaler makes a good chunk of change, & everybody rides off happy.

Oh man, the excitement, the stress, what cud go wrong, haha, actually everything.
I got an appointment tomorrow with seller to get it signed and take some photos. But, seller agreed to the price, buyer wants it Bad, and already signed the holy document, a big fat $20,000 Assignment fee. It’s been my goal to break my record of 18K on one deal that I did in 2016,
Now I got to raise my goals.

My buyer is a successful broker/realtor, a 30 something weeler dealer, drives a pimped out white an chrome Cadilac Escalade with outrageous chrome rims and tires. I asked him how much he makes a year and said a mil. He does apartments and he luvs my junky houses too.

But why has the Rando only flipped junkers? He wants more higher end houses, what wud Javipa do with this deal?

I showed up at the house at 1 PM, I got out and snapped a photo of the front, then as I walked closer I notice the front window is half broken out and a mattress is propped up from the inside. I notice an old broken down truck parked on the front yard, the driveway had more vehicles and many items from garage wer out ther. I look in the garage and another broken down car with a broke windshield. I hear loud voices inside the house. A pickup pulls up with 2 scary looking dudes, the big one says, U the guy here to see the house? I said yea, are u Michael, oh he’s coming. 10 minutes later the seller shows up, a tall thin white guy in his 40’s, we shake and head thru the garage and into the bowels of Tweaker Hell. Oh, and there wer dogs or what they left behind. I can imagine the tweaker fights, seller tells me his wife threw a plate into the window cuz she was pissed about a cig butt in her plate. Well I thought she was done eatin.
Michael tells me he owns a pool service and the guys in the truck came walkin in, and a few in the house cleaning up. Let me describe these guys, tattoos, leather, skinny, scary looking and all tweaked up.
My buyer warned me that 260K is the max he will pay if its not to trashed. I was surprised, besides the broken window, a kicked in kitchen cabinet door, a missing dishwasher and house full of trash and the stench. I think my buyer will luv it, & my back up buyer has offered 250K
So I have sent my buyer the photos and contracts, invited him to go view and gave him sellers name and number.
Oh, the waiting.
I pay my sister 10% of these deals cuz she does all my post cards, she uses the printer but does this mail merge off of excel sheet and I don’t want to do it. Anyways, I paid her $1,500 on this last deal a few weeks ago, she knows we got a good chance of scoring on this deal, now she’s motivated, I mailed out 300 a few days ago and today she brings me 200
I’d like to get a momentum going here, a continuous conveyor belt of mailings going out and deals coming in. Oh baby.
Direct mail works.

My sister get’s 10% of profits on my deals because she does all the post cards. So just 2 weeks ago I gave her $1,500 in 100 dollar bills. And now she knows we got this 20K deal going down. She’s getting more motivated.

So anyways, when she was here yesterday dropping off more post cards, she says “I want to do what your doing”. I tell her, you can. She says “no it’s too hard”. I say it is easy and simple, so simple a child cud do it. She says stop, your making me mad, I say, no not a child, a monkey cud do it, she tells me I’m really getting mad now. I say no wait, not just a monkey, a retarded monkey cud do it. We started laughing hysterically.

But, how can I convince her she cud do it? Meanwhile I want the post cards to keep coming.
I suggest you don’t give up and jump back it.

Dude, Hold me down, I’m getting this deal on contract tomorrow. 2 Houses on 4 1/2 acres, for 342K, nice condition, has barns and big trees,
It’s near downtown Madera, a boomin little town, this is prime land, now if I can do some creative advertising and sell this to a developer for apartments or shopping center etc. I don’t know if I can sell it or for how much, but shave the cats ass, damn its gonna be fun.
Rando used to only flip junky fixers, but things are changing.
I’ll have photos and signed contract tomorrow.
This is from a 37 cent post card & the same caller that I’m flipping her BF’s house, 2 deals from one frikin post card.
To bad her granma don’t have a house.
I’ve also sent out some offers, getting a few calls, life is good.

He is certifiably insane. I’m getting this property for 342K I sent it to a few of my buyers at 440K
They sad they wud check it out and get back to me, they didn’t laugh, that’s a good sign.
Who in their right mind wud think they can make a 100 Grand on a wholesale deal?

Man this gets me motivated!

Back to the other house. My buyer calls yesterday and says he’s parked down the street from the property. He says there are junk vehicles and a bunch of tweakers around the house. He then says, driving into this nicer neighborhood and coming into this property is like I dunno. He actually had me laughing. I was saying yea I know. Then he says, Well I don’t know if I want to buy this if these tweakers are going to be a problem leaving. So then while trying to keep a straight reply, I say well let me call this seller and see what’s going on. He says, OK get back to me asap and hangs up. Oh man he is all business. So then I txt the sellers GF,
Were ready to jump on this Clovis property, my partner is asking if we can have the house vacant by the first and we want to close b4 that.
She txts back that she will check. Soon she txts back that yes they will be out by the first.
Then I txt my buyer Matt with the pimped out Escalade… seller says he and his stuff and his buddies b gone on the first. He replies OK. Shortly later he is sending me info on title company, and they have already done a pre lim and want sellers info.
This deal cud actually be happening,

My buyer Matt txts me yesterday that he had somehow deleted the photos of the house he’s buying and to send again.
That gives me the idea he is fast flipping this property. I don’t ask.
I’m still in disbelief, my biggest deal ever, 20 friking grand and sold to a hard core investor that’s also a realtor/broker that makes his living knowing values & getting the price down. And yet he never tried to get my assignment fee slashed.
I’m celebrating, I got sheet rock guys over here at my house patching some remodeling work and doing some texture match.
Then some painting and carpet.
Gotta keep some money for post cards, and keep them going out, and I will pull out some of my old lists and go thru them again.