He Called me a Douche Bag

In my city of over 1/2 million we have a lot of areas that are in the hood. Gang members, drug addicts and also hard working immigrants and elderly. This city seems to allow bandit signs or simply lacks the funding or interest to enforce bandit sign laws, if even there is any. I was happy to see some of my signs still up even after 4-6 months.
However, Recently I wud drive by and my signs were gone, missing, and they were up 8-9’

So, I hired a girl to put up 200 new signs, at $1 each plus gas money, and then, within a few days most had been removed, and I get an email saying I shud stop defecating on the city & advertise like a real investor and he was with “Keep Fresno Clean” and then called me a douche bag. The email came thru an investor site, not sure how he knew they were my signs. Maybe its a competitor.
Of course he didn’t identify himself. So now, I will put up another 200, this time I’ll go up to 10’
Because I made $16,000 from my signs recently I’m motivated to keep using them.
I also ordered 3,000 blank door knob hangers, I buy my ink in bulk and print them myself. I also made $14,000 from one of these brochures this last summer.
A Douche Bag??? How rude…
Let’s make some MONEY…


Haha what a sore loser, but regardless you know your doing something right when you got “haters”

Keep on hustlin’ Rando! :beer