He called me a ditch bank Okie.

He called me a ditch bank okie.

My buddy Rich asked the other day what we were doing different. I thought of the obvious reasons,

I get help from my finders and I’ve developed friendships with other investors and I probably do a lot more marketing.

After deeper analysis, perhaps it’s the xtra training I’m doing. I came from a very poor background. That’s a tough hurdle to jump. I’ve always had feelings of inferiority. Making $600 a week doing construction was what I thought was as good as it wud ever get. One of my buddies once described me and my family as ditch bank okies. Probably a mean and hurtful thing to say but not to far from the truth.

Fortunately for me my job ended and I was forced to look for a different profession,. So in summery,

I believe the books I’ve read and the audio and video programs on you tube have helped immeasurably.

I’m starting to feel worthy, I’m walking with my head up, I can see that not only am I going to do Real Estate, I’m going to get damn good at it. I’ll be doing more reading and doing more self improvement.

I think a big part of my success so far is my new improved positive mental attitude.

One of my favorite motivational speakers is Jim Rohn. He says, “If you want things to change, first you have to change yourself” & If you haven’t written down your goals, your going nowhere.

This ditch bank okie is starting to get it.

Let’s get the right attitude and make some Frikin Money…


hey rando whats a ditch bank okie??

Haha, I’m not to sure, but I bet everybody has a different opinion what it means, and it’s not good.
What it means to me is a family of hillbillies living near an irrigation canal or ditch and pitching water to take a yearly bath, living in a run down 440 SF house built out of wood pallets and tin. Shooting rabbits and the neighbors chickens for dinner. Driving a 40 year old pick up that’s on it’s last legs. Having a overweight wife that is really ur cousin that you call ma.
Your idea of family time wud be a case of buckhorn beer and watching big time wrestling.
A vacation wud be driving 6 miles over to the big canal and doing some carp and catfishing all night.
Your big goal in life is to get a big buck next deer hunting season.
Your biggest worry is how to get junior a wife and your daughter a husband for her 3 children.
You don’t care who’s running for president just as long as the welfare checks keep coming.
Your best buddy is your brother Billie Bob.

Hey it don’t sound too bad, the ditch bank okies seem happy and content.


Very well said Randy. At age 83 and a depression era kid I know exactly what you are talking about.

My first job paid $0.11, yep, eleven cents per hour and I was darn glad to get it.


Very nice from the heart post.


Bill H


That's an interesting take on an unique situation. 

I enjoy my cowboy boots and blue jeans, occasionally I get a chance to wear my Stetson and if I am lucky I get time once or twice a year to spend a few days on my ranch, but I have never in all my years of telling tall tales in a local watering hole heard of “Ditch Bank Okie”!

Interesting, just remember Rando you’ll be the only Ditch Bank Okie taking it to the bank!

Good luck,