He Called Code Enforcement on Me, and then he Drops Dead.

A crazy true story.
I got this pre-foreclosure house in the town of Madera last month and when I was showing it to potential renters there was an old lady next door that tells me she had lived there for 40 years. She said she wud like to rent it.

Then her son comes out and starts yelling and telling my renter applicants that I’m a scammer and the cops were on the way and also code enforcement, he then came over and was filming me and my vehicle. The guy was about 40+ years old and telling me he used to work in law enforcement and acting like a real dipwad. I was a little worried cuz I had turned the water on illegally to flush the toilets and do some cleaning.

Then within 20 minutes code enforcement shows up and asks me who I am and what I’m doing there. I tell him I’m the new owner, He tells me this house is going thru a foreclosure and is owned by the bank. Then he tells me I can not be there.

I tell him that’s not correct. I got this house on contract, I’m now the legal owner until the bank takes legal action and does a legal foreclosure. I felt confident, I’ve done a handful of these. He looks confused, and soon 2 other code enforcement officers show up and they all stand out in the street talking for a half hour before they left. I finally got it rented despite this loud mouth neighbor and his obnoxious behavior.

Then today I hear that the idiot neighbor that called code enforcement and causing me problems, suddenly with out warning, dropped dead last week.

What made him kick the bucket I don’t know, maybe it was the stress of yelling at me and my renters, Oh the insanity.

Never boring here, Let’s make some Money…



 Well code enforcement was on his bucket list!


Are you are getting contracts on pre-foreclosures and renting them out? Are you taking title? Just curious, because my wholesaler buddy in SanD. does something similar. He rented out a house in foreclosure for 3 years, and put $2k/mo in his pocket. Just being nosy.

I wud have the seller sign a quit claim deed, but I wud never record it, I didn’t want my name in these ships going down, but it was sufficient to prove I had equitable interest, but then nobody ever asked.
I don’t come across these too often because most homeowners in default will stay in the house 2-3 years for free b4 the bank takes them back.
Yea, I wud like to find some higher end properties like your friend does.

Randoskie, just so you know. The deed does not have to be recorded to be effective.

It only has to be delivered during the lifetime of the grantor.

Might cause you problems is the bank decides to go after the “OWNER”, as you have in fact taken title subject to.