Hawaii-Fee Simple vs Leasehold

I will be relocating to Thailand from NJ for business opportunities in SE Asia.I would like to have a US base for financial and legal reasons and have decided on Honolulu as close enough.
I have $200,000 available and would want to use $100,000 in Bangkok to live on and start my businesses so I will have $100,000 available to acquire properties in Honolulu.I would like to invest in either condos,houses,or apartment buildings for income and future appreciation value.
Many of the properties in Hawaii are either fee simple or leasehold.The leasehold condos,houses,etc.,are about half the price of the fee simple ones.Many of the leaseholds expire in decades i.e. 2046,etc.Should I only look into fee simple properties even though they are more expensive due to owning the land under it?Would they appreciate more and sell easier than leasehold properties?
Also if one had $100,000 in cash ( literally $50,000 of it is in stacks of $100 bills),would one go with something like 10 $100,000 condos with $10,000 down on each or 1 $1,000,000
10 unit building with $100,000 down?Any recommendations or suggestions appreciated! Mahalo!