having trouble getting good leads

hi, im a beginning investor from southern cali and ive been trying to get good leads on multi-family and mobile home parks, but having some trouble. first i was trying to get leads from assessors office at my county or my neighbor counties, they usually have no or wrong mailing address. esp county i live in, most of the multi or MHP are not even listed, or wont show up in search data base.
so, i decided to use dataquick.com to get the leads. (there were almost no leads in county i live in, i guess its because they get information from assessors office also?) but almost 40% of the address ive sent letters returned as wrong address and almost 100% of phone number listed was wrong number. is this normal or should i use other information source? and what would you guys recommend me to do in order to get more leads with good response rate? oh and how do investors get phone numbers for cold call marketing?

Advertise on Craigslist.org, Backpage.com or other popular websites to get leads.

what should i say in advertisement? ex: we buy multi family properties or MHP with discounted price or good terms? would something like this work?

Yes, something like that. You can ask a lot of short questions where each yes is a “mini close”. You’re a step closer to a big yes to use your services.

You can say something like:

"Are you tired of owning multi-family properties?

Do you own a mobile home park that you’d like to get rid of?

Would you like a discounted offer with great terms?

If you answered yes to any of these, I can help you.

I offer…(say how you are the solution)

Contact me at (give your contact info)"

I hope this helps.

Good luck!