Having Trouble Finding Someone In Las Vegas To Put Out My Bandit Signs

I have already read a couple of the other posts on finding people and have already tried Craigslist and have still not found anyone. Wondering if anyone can recommend someone or can give some other ideas on how to find someone.

Your post looks lonely…anyway:

Why not put them up yourself?

Thanks for giving it some company :wink: The signs are in addition to my current advertising and even though it does not take long to put them up I just really don’t won’t to take the time. I would much rather pay someone else to do it.

I can’t vouch, but how about: thesignbandits.com ?

Idea #1…you need to find the person who puts out the signs for your local new home developments, realtors, etc. Then work a deal…he/she is already going around and putting them out- what’s an extra few?

Find the person = know where the signs are going up/down and be there when they are!

Idea #2 - newspaper delivery people…again, they are already out & about…

Idea #3 - college kids home for the summer who need some cash…