Having trouble finding Hardmoney - Any suggestions?


I am a new Real Estate investor needing to get financed with a hard money loan before May 1st. how I can get financed ASAP?Many hardmoney lenders I have spoke with or emailed are not able to service Albuquerque, New Mexico area. One lender said that New Mexico is a trustee state and they can’t lend to NM.

This is my very first deal and needing some help. I have combed reidclub.com hardmoney lenders, penny savers, I asked for referrals, I picked up some more penny savers to look for lenderstoday . any suggestions?

Selling: 80,000
FMV of house: 130,000
Repairs/rehab: 10,000 moderate rehab
Motivated: We have until May 1st
Buy, fix, and resell

Credit been pulled twice in the month of April, trying to avoid further credit pulls.

Experian/Fair, Isaac Model 648

Thank you


Hi Voight,

There are only a couple lenders that I know of that will do NM.

What zip code is the property in?

Is it in a metro area?

Do you know if the seller will hold a small second for a short period?

Sent you an email… I should be able to help