Having Fun ! - two more appt's scheduled this week :-)

Wow - my husband and I are having fun with this.
We have two more appt’s this week ! (not saying that I’ll get contracts signed, but it’s part of the learning curve)

Right now because we are new to this wholesale process, we are bouncing from town to town. I think as we start learning more, such as getting our buyers to tell us their criteria, we can get more focused on an area.

After you chase 20 or 30 deals you will learn to pre qualify your sellers b4 wasting your time and gas.
But it’s good to meet sellers and practice your people skills, but soon you evolve & you will become an ass kickin wholesaling machine.

Mr seller, tell me about your house, Why do you want to sell?
Well, since my wife died, I just want to move back to Texas to be with my brother. The house needs quite a bit of work and I just want to get rid of it.
Don’t move cuz I’ll be right there.