Have You used Virtual Reality (360 video) in real estate?

Hey all of You guys!

Would love to know, whether You have ever used VR real estate services for checking out new properties or selling some. If you have, what were the advantages and disadvantages of it.

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Virtual Reality create more expectation among the customers.

I heard that some realtors use not VR but AR. They invite people to the empty house and show them on their smartphones different designs and different furniture. Sounds cool.

I think VR is also useful when in comes of staging the house. It could create more staging ideas and also saves time.

I’m absolutely FOR using AR/VR technology in real estate! This can really save time of seller and buyer and create needed expression. There are so many innovative AR VR services that provide software solutions for the industry, and it’s really strange that this technology is not used all the time nowadays.

Virtual reality development in real estate is the most efficient technology for realistic three-dimensional representation of architectural objects of various sizes. With the help of a virtual reality helmet, you will have the opportunity not only to plunge into the virtual world in real time, but also interact interactively with elements of the environment: change materials, textures, colors, lighting, and even furniture placement.

I used Zillow’s 360 Virtual Photo option when selling a mobile home in Colorado.

I would say that it had a minor impact, but it really did look nice and highlighted the updated kitchen and made the living space look more open…considering it is only a single-wide mobile home.

Hope this helps