Have you tried this?

We’re finding some great short sale opportunities with properties coming out of bankruptcy. As you know, when a bankruptcy is dismissed (ex. the homeowner fails to make payments under bankruptcy agreement), the foreclosure picks up right where it left off. These are great opportunities because the bank is motivated and the homeowner has exhausted every option except a short sale.

We’ve got a fantastic source that identifies these properties and homeowners right when the bankruptcy is dismissed. The only problem is that these deals are so HOT we need to door knock them because the clock is really ticking. (Very time intensive)

If you haven’t focused on these post-bankruptcy deals in the past you may want to consider giving them a try.


I have a seller that filed 13 but it was turned over to 7. they omitted their house and car and ended up losing the car. they are set to go to auction on 11/1. they only have a 1st and I was wondering if they would take a short this late in the game.

Yes, there is still plenty of time to pursue a short sale. Remember that the bank can postpone an auction date if they believe your short sale offer would be a better solution. I’d call the bank and ask where to fax a short sale package, then put the package together and fax it over ASAP.


What’s your source for locating Bankruptcies that are nearing end? Also, do you know how to locate divorcees? Thanks for your help.