Have you ever received pet resumes from your tenants that own cat/dog?

Hi everyone :slight_smile: Couple days ago I’ve found very funny dog resume sample:
It is written in the first-person. LOL. Another question that truly came to my mind: Is it helps? Seriously? Landlords, your answers please.

I might be tempted to rent with a dog, if the applicant included this cute resume. This reflects extra care and attention regarding the disposition of the dog, and the owners, in an extremely positive way.

Never had this offered to me before. It would be a welcome first.

That is actually kinda cool haha. It would definitely help bring a lighter side to the situation. I would say for me personally as a landlord, it cannot hurt.

I have submitted them before when applying to a property in the past.

I think a lot of tenants don’t really find the need, but I believe it puts the landlord at ease. Not only does it show the tenant is a responsible pet owner, but it shows the effort and care they are willing to put in!

Pet resumes and pet interviews can definitely gear landlords more in the direction of allowing their location to be pet friendly, in my opinion!

This is kinda cute. It definitely would be a determining factor. I agree with Javipa, it shows care and attention by the owners. Coming with mulitple references (more than just the last landlord) definitely helps.

I love it! I don’t accept pets but now I will insist on a resume if I ever do!