Have Seller and Buyer, But Deal Hit A Road Block Need Help ASAP

Here is the deal. A cheap 2/1 in Houston tx. Contract price $7k, fast-forward 3 weeks I got a buyer at 9k. The property was inherited from the seller’s grandmother to the seller’s mother then went to the seller. All affidavits have been signed and notarized, and I thought we were ready to close. Now the road block. The title company wants a death certificated for the grandmother’s husband, and we cannot find it. The seller never met him and has no relatives who knew him (no last address, ss, or date of birth). I’ve hired a P.I. and he still could not find the death certificate. We been getting the run around from this title company for the past 3 weeks saying they have other methods of finding death certificates, but everytime I call (everyday), I get no answers, and no one calls back like they say they will. My buyer is getting restless (I have $1k of his money). Should I switch title companies, or how can I find this death certificate? He passed away over 25 years ago. We are too close to give up. Please someone WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

All opinions welcome.

I would switch title companies because obviously they don’t value your time and money. Many other title companies will do business with you or be more savvy with getting this deal closed. I had a inexperienced attorney that could not close one of my deals and I went to an experienced attorney that understood the simultaneous closing and got it closed for me. :biggrin

Don’t put all you eggs in one basket. Always have others that you can call in a situation like this.

You need to be careful make sure they have the right to sell you the property. A title companies responsibility is to record a valid deed that is correct.