have corp. should deed to o/o or n/o/o

i have a rental that it looks as if the present renter is going to bail and last year i took a 4,000 dollar shot to the mouth on this same unit. should i put my rental in my corp., by quick claim deed, or my o/o to protect myself if the bank comes after me. i wont make any other payments on the rental and i’m not behind right now but just in case my renters bail. i will make payments with the money the renters given me but my wife says no more and we need to take care of what we have. thanks for your help.

Why would we advise you how to defraud/screw the bank?

What is you final exit strategy? Or maybe screwing the bank over IS you exit strategy…?


sell it!

changing how title is held is not going to “protect” you from the bank. you will ultimately end up with a foreclosure on your credit report.


If you are NOT physically living there, even if the title is in your own name, then the property is non-owner occupied (n/o/o)

Listen to aak, don’t mess around with trivial stuff. Sell the alligator before foreclosure drains your swamp.

i am meeting with a realtor tomorrow.

my intentions is not to screw the bank. i have excellent credit…so far
but because i’m drained in every way on this house i need to protect my personal assets as best i can. the dynamics of this are more than i can write about in this small space.
it seems you mis-understood my intentions or you are callouse. it is irrelevant because my reality; what i am going through, is more than just this house. i, unfortunately, am not as educated as some people on this site and, it seems, have hurt not only myself but my wife and kids in trying to make a better life.
that is whati am most upset about. i wont comment anymore on this.