Have bankruptcy & cash

I have a contract on my house & I will gain over 200k. I have a 2yr old bankruptcy. I want o purchase some land & build a new house but I dont want to use all of my own cash. Do you know who will finance me with a credit score of 600.

Howdy Cateyes:

Has the case been dismissed or discharged for 2 years? There are several loan companies and brokers that are members of this group that will be glad to help you. You can get financed but the rate will be a bit higher. Have you gotten any new credit or good payment history on old accounts after the BK?


The BK has been d/c for 2yrs. I have new credit & have had a mtg. for over 15yrs & have never been late. I live in Maryland.

Are you looking for 100%?

No I dont need 100% just any maybe 75-85% loan

You should have options then

You may qualify for a fha loan. there are certainly good interest rate loans available if the bankruptcy has been discharged for over 2 years and you have reestablished credit

Take a look at Indymac and ABN-Amro they are two lenders that specialize in land loan purchases, they will be able to help you.