Have anybody heard of National Investor Institution

Anybody know anything about the National Investor Institution. Is their seminar worth going???

Never Heard of it!!!

I have a friend who recently went to a course, and I believe it is National Investors. If this is the same course, it seems to be worth the money, because in less than 6 months she has bought 4 properties, 3 in GA, 1 in CA. I will verify if that is indeed the course she took and get back with you by tomorrow.

couldnt find it on google.
maybe it was national association of real estate investors?
if so,its actually NOT an association, more of a private club
run by marc stephan garrison. he basically trys to sell his
houses to other “members”. not that its a bad thing. but if
you’re willing to put in some extra effort you can do the same
yourself. remember, the higher the number of middle men,
the higher your costs.

If it is the National Association of Real Estate Investors, save your money and stay away. Marc Garrison provides nothing anywhere near the outrageous price he charges for his NAREI buying tours.