Have any of you heard of Inverse purchase?

I saw an ad about inverse purchase. It’s by John Alexander. Any feedbacks about this program?

Yes if you join as an affiliate of their TSF program you’ll get EXCELLENT on-going training from a CLASS ACT. Plus JV money to flip short sales and REOs risk free and access to the patented Inverse Purchase System plus software etc.

Inverse Purchase is a unique way to flip without cash, without using ‘and/or assigns’ and with only one transfer of title (thus no seasoning issues - one xfer tax). RESPA compliant. You get paid on HUD at close your w/s “fee”. It’s awesome. Legal safe full disclosure and works in 50 states.

You can try it out here:

I use the temporary seller financing on my marginal seller leads (not enough equity). I used to throw those leads away but now I can make money off them too. I don’t need deep W/S discounts to make money.

I also use it to make my flips more attractive to end-buyers so they sell fast, in addition to offering seller concession.

All his contracts and documents are no BS and rock solid PROFESSIONAL. All questions you may have had about flipping are clearly answered here. Clean, concise, simple and easy to follow system - every contract comes with samples filled out. Like I said class act. Wish I could say that for most of the nonsense tripe courses that are out there. Most of it is junk in comparison. I wish I connected with John Alexander a lot sooner - would have saved me lots of grief learning this business.

You’ll use his contracts to flip with absolute confidence.

From what I know in inverse purchase, it is a goof ball get rich quick strategy pushed by a guy named John Alexander. It’s extremely high risk and just skirts out right fraud though many of it’s practitioners who fail end up with fraud suits pending. Well, it goes like this. You find some homeowner who needs to sell and you make them a 100% cash offer for their property at a substantial (25% or so) discount over the market price. Of course if they’re motivated, they see the $$$ in quick assured sale and accept it. Then you use Alexander’s “proven” marketing techniques to sell the property under contract to a real buyer before the original contract would have closed. This is backed up by his sham mortgage concern that supposedly provides the financing for all this. Well, it doesn’t take much intelligence to see that you’re in a world of hurt if the sale doesn’t happen.

Actually it’s illegal unless you have a RE license, you’re acting as broker.

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You may as well just do an assignable contract.