have 20,000 to spend on real estate

I`m a truckdriver that makes 2,600 a week and have extra money to invest. Problem is i dont have time to rent out my property cause im on the road. Who do i get to do this without spending alot. :smiley:

hire good property management company. Get referrals and interview them.

What do the charge? A % of what the property brings in?

You need to call around, but don’t come in this thinking I have to spend money and I’ll make some. Keep your 20k in the bank, for now. Lurk here read some acticles and learn how to go about getting a deal. Find a pre-foreclosre with the need for cosmetic repairs. Get the owner to do a sub 2, then get out your money, make their note current, put ads in the paper for rent, rent to own, lease purchase option, fsbo owner will finance ect. Then get a handy man to do the cosmetic fixes. Then if need be get a property manager ( I wouldn’t for one property, I wouldn’t even do it four four properties, it will mess with your cash flow.) Google deducting rent from checking account automatically I saw this somewhere online, and just make that a requirement for your renters. And the handy man that you find to do the cosmetic fixers, keep him in you phonebook, as he may be able to handle mantinence problems that come up.

Depending upon your area and how much you need done, property management will run 7-to-12% of the GROSS rental income - 10% is a standard average. Some also have additional pricing structures for finding/qualifying tenants and for performing/contracting maintenance functions.


And if you get a property manager, make sure there’s no clause in the contract that obligates you to list with them when you decide to sell.