Have $1,000,000 cash, need advisor for investing

:smiley: I am selling a property with a low income and need to purchase a property that will return 10-12% on the cash invested. I have $1,000,000 to invest. I can’t seem to find opportunities that yield enough. I’m not interested in putting out a million dollars for a 6% return. Does anyone know of advisors, investors, or people who do deals who need investors?


Where are you from? Are you interested in financing some deals, or do you want to purchase your own? Are you looking to invest it all at once? Little by little? Buy and hold? Just finance deals?

I invest in Utah real estate. Tell me more.

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THanks for the reply. I am going to do a 1031 exchange. So I can do multiple properties or single property. Depends on the opportunity.

I can’t finance others. I have to have an equity position… Although clever people can get around this, I would think.

I’m retiring, and want income, not particularly focused on appreciation although that is certainly apart of any deal.

I live in Oaklnad, California. I’m originally form southern california.

I’m kind of stunned at the properties I have seen in the San Francisco Bay area. Extremely low returns "cash on Cash’ Seem people are betting on more appreciation, but I’m not…

I have to do deals for at least $1,800,000 for the 1031 exchange.

Please let me know what you have in mind.

My property has just on on the market. I have a few months before I am forced to buy something.


Hi RobertK

I know in the Midwest you can still get 10%+ cash-on-cash returns. I have bought,sold,managed partnerships in WI and IL. If you are a serious investor email me. I have over 20 yrs experience in buying/selling/mortgages/finance of residential and commercial property. I have personally acquired over 120 properties in past 15 yrs. What types of investment property do you prefer. Smaller residential, multi-family or commercial.


Yes I am serious, have been investing since 1979. Mostly buy and hold, although I have made every mistake possible over the years.

We are very interested in mid west. My wife is from Saint Paul, Mn. We return to Minnesota every year or two.

We have looked via realtor in Sauk Centre, Mn which seems to me to have real growth potential, but so far the realtor has not uncovered anything.

Hard to say what kind of investment we prefer… Mostly we are looking for a 10%-12% return, with safety and growth.

We are in the process of selling a property, will take some time, it appears. Selling season is not yet upon us.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Robert Klinger

If your looking for the best return on your money the Black Hills of South Dakota is where its at. With lots of growth and development going on. This is the place that everyone wants to be - gambling in Deadwood to the motorcycle rally in Sturgis.

Nick V

Contact an Agent or Broker in the area your interested in investing, making sure, they’re familiar with 1031 Exchanges.

It doesn’t require that it be a single property, it can consist of a portfolio of properites, and there’s plenty of smaller investments that can yield a 10% or great return on your investment, if you were to leverage that $1MM into $1 billion worth of properties.

Good Luck!

Have you considered move to a hot market. I moved to Las Vegas 14 months ago with 100k Heloc and have bought 5 properties. Arizona is sapposed to be hot in regards to the market. Do a 1031 exchange, then buy a primary to live in. Then while living there you can buy new construction which is always an awesome investment.

Good Luck.

i think your best bet is a triple net leased TIC in commercial property with a cash on cash return of 8-12% first year and increasing every yr after that. they’re usually leveraged 50-65% with non-recourse loans with management carrying vacancies, so you’re returns are guaranteed.

thats what i’m doing as soon as i hit 1mill in equity. then i’m
travelling around the world!!!