Has the Investor Misplaced his Marbles?

Whatever we keep our dominant thoughts on, becomes our reality… We are what we think about. I have some programs in MP3 format that teaches how to use our thoughts to change our lives. Some deep stuff.
Its fascinating to me that our lives are completely influenced by our thoughts.
With my limited intellect I can somehow understand how this works. For instance, I want to lose 20 pounds, this insane method I’m learning says, condensed and boiled down… Visualize yourself at your ideal weight for a few minutes a day, also imagine how good your clothes will look on you and how great it will feel. that’s it.
Its profound, this power we have. Imagine using this power to visualize a big home and doing lot’s of real estate.
It’s difficult wrapping my mind around this concept. But it excites me.
You know we all deserve to have the lives we want. It all starts in our minds.

This new book I got is called “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by a late preacher named Murphy. And get this, he claims that success and failure and our lives and even our health are coming from our subconscious.
He says if we change our self talk and our attitudes we can have wealth and health and all we can imagine and visualize.
I got brain overload here. I’m starting to realize, hey I can do that, and believe in this. Sounds insane I know, but that’s why it will work.

If your interested in progressing and prospering, type in “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” on you tube, the full audio book, for free. It’s over 6 hours.
I’m ready to prosper. We will all prosper with the right mindset and attitude and some focused direction.


If you want a really good preacher book on visualization and success, get “The Power of Positive Thinking”, by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. He’s long gone and it was written in 1952 with over 5 million copies sold. I picked up my copy for two bucks at a second hand bookstore and you’ll probably be able to find a free version online too somewhere. His short youtube clips are quite inspirational and if I found a local preacher that spoke like him, I’d be going back to church. Even Trump said he was quite inspired by him and went to hear his sermons on a regular basis.

I got my new book yesterday, its called, Your Infinite Power to be Rich, by Joseph Murphy. All these publications seem to say basically the same thing. Monitor your thoughts, Implant suggestive wealth and success thoughts and shipcan the negative thoughts. Sounds easy, I am constantly stopping mid negative thought and reversing that thought, takes some practice.

It seems crazy as hell. Tap into some universal power with your thought vibrations. Yea right.
Do I believe we can get healthy, wealthy and happy with using our thoughts? I do, and I believe poor people have 90% negative thoughts.

I’ve been listening to Dr Robert Anthony and Shad Helmstetter, Joseph Murphy and others on youtube.

It’s working, I’ve closed on some big deals in the last few months, one was for 14K, one was for 3K another was 15K just 2 weeks ago and now I just got this tweaker house on contract and it looks like its sold for a 20K frikin assignment fee.

Is it just coincidence? You probably wont believe this, but when I got money coming from somewhere, even when I’m not expecting it, my right palm itches. And lately it’s been itching a lot and I been smiling.

It’s a difficult concept for a meat an taters okie with limited brain capacity, However even as a child I told myself that I wud alway be healthy, and have been, never been to a doctor or in a hospital. Why didnt I plant the thought that I wud always be wealthy also?

The subconscious mind is freaking incredible, and I’ve seen some real results.
What wud you do if you wanted to get wealthy???

I still find this concept way too simple and incredible. We can choose to be healthy & wealthy and happy.
I remember 5 or 6 yrs ago I decided I was going to be a real estate investor. I remember thinking I wud give it 3 years and if I hadn’t made any money, then I wud find something else that wud work. Back then I didnt have any money so I sold my work truck, Within 4 months I made $6,000 from a course I got by Russ Dalby on how to buy and sell notes. I spent about $1,500 on mailing out letters to private note holders. It was a lot of work and time. Then I got a course on doing Sub To’s, I did 3 deals, then I accidently discovered wholesaling. I spent 4 grand on marketing and got one deal that paid $2,000 I had people offering to trade me a Harley and cars and boats. I lost 2K but man, I knew there was potential there. Most people wud have jumped ship at that point.
But now looking back, I realize, I chose to be a real estate investor.
Now I choose to be wealthy and happy.
No rush, I will use this thought to prime my subconscious to start working in that direction.
I am learning all this wonderful stuff, like, we are where we are because of our thoughts, can’t blame others, it’s something we gotta own up to.
This will scramble ur neurons, scientists are saying our thoughts are energy and these thoughts can manipulate the outcomes of their experiments, and using these thought vibrations we can create what we think about most. It hurts my head, how can a mere human wrap his head around this stuff?
Has anybody used this power? I wud like to hear about your experience.

My latest book is called, “The Intention Experiment” Just the intro blew me away. The author says scientists were perplexed cuz of how just viewing an experiment can change the results. She is saying our thoughts can even effect machinery. She tells how the entire Universe is made up of these subatomic particles and how we are all connected by thought vibrations.

I’m going to read this book and then start my own experiments. Some of the courses I’ve been getting tells how we can raise our vibrations to attract people and things to us, even our bad thoughts and vibrations will bring us the bad.

It’s so interesting,