Has anyone used Zitrof to market their deals?

I found the Zitrof.com website while doing a search for “wholesale properties” and since they were right on the top 5 I went to the site.

Basically it’s like a database for marketing wholesale deals, rehab properties and such.

My question is: Has anyone used this site before or any other similar site to market their deals with any success? or is emailing prospective buyers better.

I am just trying to venture out and I since listing my deals on Zitrof was free I would not loose. Any Suggestions?

Emailing or calling your end-buyers when you get a great deal is probably the best way to flip a deal quick! But using these free ad sites such as the one you mentioned, CL, backpage.com, etc. etc. can bring you buyers. Even if the deal you’re marketing does not work for them you can qualify them, see what type of deals they’re looking for and find it for them.

In the past, I have added quite a few end buyers to my Investors list, but only a couple are active buyers. But the way I see it is: It only takes one Investor to buy the Property!!!

Good Luck…