Has anyone tried Ben Innes-ker's program?

It’s called Motivated Seller Magnet. I read his ad (long), and it seems to be direct mailings, with an emotionally sensitive twist (which stands to reason, considering who you’re dealing with). But it looks to be a shotgun approch, i.e., instead of getting a list of preforclosures, or pending divorces, or whatever, you target entire desirable neighborhoods in hopes of finding people who haven’t made any type of list yet.

Does anyone know if this is correct? Have you or anyone you know tried this program?

I’ve done a search on this board and haven’t seen anyone mention Ben Innes-Ker. In perusing, it seems that the bandit signs are working well. Lord knows we have enough of them around our neighborhood!

Thanks for your input, and yes, I’m a noob - board-wise and REI-wise. 8)