Has anyone heard of Tracy Ballard?

I was wondering if anyone has heard of Tracy Ballard and her credit repair system? If so have you heard good things or bad things and is it worth her $4000.00 dollar fee for one person?
Thank you in advance
Northwest Indiana


I’d suggest using $3,950 to pay your bills and $50 to buy a couple of good books on credit repair.

Spending $4,000 for credit repair is a little ironic, don’t you think?


Go to creditboards.com and check out the forums.

Is is free and you will probably get vastly better information.

Good luck!

Check out Donna Fox’s book, “From Credit Repair to Credit Millionaire”. You can get it at Amazon.com for about $20 (used).

Thanks for your replies,
The reason that I was asking about Tracy Ballard was because I heard her seminar on this site and she claims that she can get off your credit history collections accounts that have been paid.
I paid off some collection accounts on my credit report and all it did was hurt my score instead of improving it and according to Tracy’s seminar what happens is the collection agency will update these deragatory items to paid but it then makes the account look like it was just put on the credit report thus having a negative impact on my score, so I want to get these removed and she is the only one that I know of claiming that she can get this removed.

As mentioned above, you should go to Creditboards.com.