Has anyone heard of the Real Estate Riches program?

I went to one of those “FREE” seminars and at the end they gave you the opportunity to sing up for a 3 day class/course to teach you all you need to know about; Wholesaling, Buying to rent, flipping and buying to lease option. Has anyone heard of these guys. They say they have a huge network of contractors and lenders and they will mentor you for the first 90 days after you complete their program. It sounds good but are they for real? Please advise. Thanks :help

What I would do is read these forums everyday. Figure out the angle you want to use and use the search feature to get all the information you need. It will take some time but is A LOT more accurate and helpful then any seminar/training courses you could go to. Also you will get the bad along with the good from these forums, I don’t imagine the seminars will ever give you the bad.

Also Join your local REI Club, there is the place to find all the contractors and lenders you will need. Nothing is better then getting a referral for a lender from someone who is actually Investing in the area you want to invest in.


my 2 cents on your questions…

Only 10% of the seminar selling gurus offer anything of value.

The rest is a bunch of crap.

I’ve listened to a tele seminar sales pitch of a guru claiming he has a program to buy and sell 10 houses a month without even seeing the property. That is possible when you have a full scale operation going, but no way in hell should a beginning investor buy into that.

Do your research wisely.

The gurus that I have bought things from:

Richard Roop / Dan Doran
Ron Legrand (and his students)

I don’t buy anything from anyone else.

I have went through the real estate riches course It is now called Wealth Building with Jim Toner Or something like that. It is an ok course but still leaves a lot of question in my option, they do help you try to get your first house if you are having troubles you need to get your financing set up, articles of organization,and operating agreement done to speed up your first purchase after the training. they do give you some names of people in pitt. PA. or in Akron Ohio I am in Youngstown no names in my area :banghead