Has anyone checked out this list of Hard Money Lenders

I just downloaded a list of Hard Money Lenders at http://www.4-real-estate-investing.com/hardmoneyupdate.html this looks like the real thing.

Does anyone know if these lenders are for real?

Yes I have used some of these lenders…

so the want $197 for a list of lenders?? Isn’t there a list of lenders on this site? Over to the left, under Investor Resources, Hard Money Lenders. I’m thinking of trying Red Brick Financial, since I am in MO.

no it’s free

ohhhhhhh, ok. I went back and re-read it. What can I say? It’s late…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz :slight_smile:

I downloaded the list. I’m looking for a lender who would give 80-85% ARV right now.