Has Anybody Used Billboards for Advertising?

Now that I got a few deals in Escrow and about to receive a good chunk of cash I want to generate some more deals with my profits.
I want to distribute more door hangers, bandit signs and I’m actually considering TV and Bill Boards. Sean Flanagan is trying to get me to go with his program “Lucky Buys Yucky Houses” It costs about $400 for a one time fee to buy a Territory and then about $1,000 a month to let him place TV ads in my area pr month. I asked to be able to contact his clients that have used this but he refused, stating their right to privacy. So I’m a bit leery.

The other day while checking out a vacant junker on a busy street just off the freeway exit I seen a huge Billboard. It’s probably 40’ tall and 30’ wide. It said, to advertise on this space call this 800 number.
I thought the price would be way out of my budget and I was thinking it would cost somewhere in the range of $1500-$2,000 pr month and then it would cost additional to design and install the graphics, text, photos etc and to pay someone to get up there and psychically paint the frikin thing.

I was shocked when I called the number and the guy tells me, for only $395 pr month for a years contract that totals $4,700 he will do all the artwork and create a big vinyl sign that’s pasted on.
I asked would I have to pay a year in advance?, he says oh no, we can bill you monthly.
I’ve got some negative and positive feedback from family and friends on this.
But heck, I just might try it, it’s well within my budget, if I only got 1 deal it would more than pay for a years cost. And consider the exposure.
The Bill Board guy also told me it’s a high traffic area which I already knew and the billboard is illuminated in the early mornings and evenings. These billboards are everywhere, they must be profitable for the advertisers or they wouldn’t use them.
It might be the perfect advertising medium for the Real Estate Wholesaler.
Give me some feedback.

Mostly great for branding yourself, but it’ll pay for itself.

Make it memorable. If you look, you’ll notice that most billboards are changed out during the year. A billboard that doesn’t change, disappears in the minds of those who see it repeatedly. Just saying.

So, be prepared to change up the signage two or three times a year, to get the most bang for your buck.

Billboards wouldn’t be my first priority. Sending direct mail to absentee owners would trump anything else.