Has anybody tried Radio Advertising?

I’m trying to come up with a winning script for my upcoming radio ads. The music stations are pricey, $1250 a month for 50 15 second spots during prime time. The country station and talk radio about half that and iheart radio is only $100 pr month. The country and talk Radio is really cheap for off hrs between 7 to 11 PM

I might try the cheapest, but the soft rock music station wud prob be the way to go, a 3 month run wud cost about 4 grand, but hell, just 1 deal wud cover that expense. It’s a gamble, but it cud pay off big time.
I’ve done well with direct mail, & recruiting bird dogs this year. But big dog wants a bigger bone to chew on.

Hi Jean, you look so down. Oh hi Ron, I’m so stressed out, It’s my parents house, you know we tried to rent it out, and the renters were always late and then they stopped paying completely & left it trashed, now its been vandalized, we can’t afford to fix it up and go thru this again.

So Jean, Why don’t you call Valley Home Buyers? They buy all kinds of houses. They are all cash buyers, they close quickly and will buy your property as is.

Really? What’s their Phone number?

It’s 000-321-7853 That’s 000-321-7853 And they also buy nicer houses too. Call them now… 000-321-7853