Has anybody seen this before

Does anybody know who Preston Ely is?

I get his guru emails all the time.

Yes. I purchased a couple of his books/courses and receive his emails. In my opinion, I believe he teaches some of the best tips and strategies for wholesaling at a fraction of what most other “gurus” will charge you. But you must have a sense of humor! I think he’s hysterical and you can really learn a lot about marketing just by the way he presents himself and attracts people.

His ebook on flipping houses is great supplementary information, but I do not believe it explains every detail you need to know when first getting started. On other other hand, it helped me learn and grow significantly. Therefore, study this in addition to other courses and material. You will never learn everything you need to know from just one person.

I purchased Preston’s wholesaling e-book, and it was very well done…especially for the price. Jeff is right, he’s got a great sense of humor, and I’d definitely recommend getting on his list…he’s a great marketer, and cracks me up, but you’ve got to like his “style”…some people won’t. Good guy!


I have been on the fence for a couple weeks about his ebook but… for the price it seems worth it!!! I’m glad jimp1173 brought it up.

Jeff you got it! You won’t learn everything from one person… thanks for reminding us.

I would really like if some of the experienced investors would share their favorite training material… step up to the plate Investors!

You can learn a lot about real estate industry by reading articles, books, attending webinars and specially attending school.

This might come across as rude, but his ebook is $47. What is there to think about?

We’re in a business where you can make $5,000 - $30,000 per deal with relatively low startup capital or resources required compared to getting a McDonald’s or something. Just buy it. (not affiliated with the author)