Has anybody heard of this REI Training Group?

Hello All,

I am looking for a REI class to attend in my area and I ran across the Learning Institute for Real Estate Investing, formerly know as CBS Real Estate Training. I searched the boards and found one listing about CBS. I’ve also searched other places and could find no info and they don’t have a website. This training class is based in Fort Washington, MD.

If anyone knows anything about this company, please give me the scoop. I am scheduled to go register soon and I don’t want to waste my $1200 if they are no good. And if anyone knows anything about any other REI training classes in Maryland, please let me know. I am a beginner and I have put aside $4000 to get started and I just want to get the most for my money.

Thanks in advance.


I think the consensus of the group would be for you to read everything here, ask questions of the resident guru’s here and spend your money on marketing and directly securing properties.