Harship Letters...Who has the BEST one!!!


Looking for the best version of a hardship letter. Format to follow or something. Just not sure where to start. If anyone has suggestions it would be a huge help thanks.

I’ve been doing lots of reading on SS’s but haven’t found one yet to try. From what I understand, it doesn’t have to be sickeningly sappy to prove a hardship - their financial statement will prove that. The letter just needs to state that they want a preforeclosure short sale and the reason why - like sickness, medical bills, unemployment, death, incarceration, or?? whatever the real reason is. Then you should add a brief explanation of the situation and say you no longer wish to keep the house and can’t sell it for the amount owed. Then just sign and date it by the owners.

ask a Realtor in your state to ck on their state Real estate Association website for the outline. If you are in a state that has SS then your Realtors have taken many classes by now and usually each instrutor has a sample of outline of a letter…


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I was just thinking. If you request a Short Sale package from a lender, I bet they have a pre-printed letter in there. You need to use the SS package from the particular lender who holds the mortgage.