Hardwood Flooring

Hello all,

I have a question to any rehabbers. It seems that laminate hardwood floors look just as good as actual hardwood floors but for less the cost. So when you are doing a rehab, which do you prefer to use?



it really depends on the home value. If its an entry level home, then laminate, if its middle to higher end, then you must go with real wood. Each level of buyer has their tastes. Lower income will love laminate cause it “looks like real wood floors.” The rest will not want laminate because its a knockoff of real wood.

Right on Houston guy. Our rehabs are entry level homes and we us the crap out of wood laminate flooring. Great “wow” factor for new homebuyers and lower income buyers.

how much are you paying for your laminate floors? I can get the lower quality laminate with underlay for just under $1 a square foot. The lower quality does not have indentations of the wood grain.

do you have it installed for you? if so how much?