Hardship Letter

good morning investors, I have a ?, Hardship Letter… extremely bleak or moderately, when prepared for a Lenders SS package. I have sent some of each and w/o response from LM’s as to whether the letter had any impact on acceptance or denial of offer.

Thanks for you response in advance.

The hardship letter is just a part of the SS package. It should be very bleak, but HONEST. Also, keep following up with the lender, but understand their processing times may take 3 or 4 weeks minimum.

Thank you, I have sent a few for different SS packages, just wasn’t sure what value if any are given to them in the overall BIG picture.

My understanding is that the LM value the numbers (purchase price in contract & net on HUD-1) 1st. Then they will look at the supporting documentation such as the hardship letter to make sure everything makes sense.