hardmoney lender

does anybody have a good hard money lender that they can ref i have been going through list after list website after website and its like the want you to work for them with these fees i refuse to work for free
please help my eyes hurt :shocked

I am not sure what fees you are speaking of. If you are referring to points then pay them, better than taking on a partner and giving up a sizable portion of the equity.

I guess it all comes down to the Golden Rule.

“He who has the Gold Makes the Rules!”> ha ha. Sorry I always think that is funny. But if it helps you get a deal done and you make money to use on future deals, then why not use HML?


So you say you don’t work for free, and you expect the people with money to do that?

I don’t work for a HML, I am the HML. I am also an investor. I will have to tell you that when people offer you advice you might want to choose not to slam them.

I see you are a beginner. It might be wise to read up, take the advice and understand. Just remember, Part of something is better than all of nothing.

What are you looking for exactly? Are you looking for a cheap hard money lender? That’s kind of an oxymoron. Hard money is HIGH risk to the lender, you pay accordingly. My eyes hurt after reading your post.

can i ask a ? rich are you telling me i am suppose to take any HML terms i have heard qoutes from some HMLs as high as 10 pts so i am suppose to take that because thats what there rates are for that certain lender or should i shop around and see if i can get a better rate .

sorry 4R management long day yesterday :beer

There are plenty that are less than 10 points, shop around.

Hit equity
Points can be as low as 3

Holy cow 10 points!! That is not hard money that is a loan shark. The local hard money guy here in Dallas that I know charges 12% and 4 points for a 12 month interest only payments loan. Which is not altogether that horrible considering what rates on high CLTV NOO loans are going for these days.

There is no need to pay a HML anywhere near 10 points (unless it is your intent to put his kids through Ivy League colleges)…


Scott Miller

My hml requires 3 points 16% interest and aslo wants 10% down on the property and into the property my own cash.