hard time finding good deals and help with transaction

I have been trying to start wholesaling houses. I have a handle on the process but I am having a hard time finding good deals/ not already with wholesalers. I am looking for someone to help walk me though my first 3 transactions. Does anyone have suggestions?

Sorry to break it to you, but finding real deals is the hardest part of REI. The rest is mainly process.

Haha, Did u read my latest success story on this site? I made 2 grand on my first deal, I didn’t mention that I had spent $4,000 on marketing. Only an insane person wud continue with those odds. I eventually got more calls and more deals from that mailing, I sometimes get callers saying they received my letter 1 or 2 years ago.
This is the really insane part. I can set out 100’s of bandit signs, send out thousands of letters to absentee owners, run dozens of ads and look at hundreds of addresses the bird dogs send, and come up with nothin, or actually less than nothing when you consider all the money and time I’ve spent.
And then sometimes, every once in a while, I’m shocked when a deal just falls in my lap.
You gotta be nuts to stay motivated when you have countless setbacks and failures wholesaling.
I cud go on an on about the potential problems, the things that can and do go wrong.
But, when you start cashing a few big checks and a lotta small ones, you will realize this is a lot better than working, and it pays better too. And all the time off for family, hobbies and friends etc is really sweet.
There’s no going back to a 9-5
Let’s make that money…

I hope your that one in a million that has the focus and drive to stay with it.
It’s easy to get distracted or start to get negative and let the problems of life get to ya. I recommend reading, & not just Real Estate books, but about how we can program our minds for success. I’m reading “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter. It’s fascinating how our thoughts and inner voice can take us where we don’t want to be and take us where we do want to be, and how we can control that process, he calls it programing.
If only I wud of had this info 40 years ago. Anyway I got the book used on Amazon for 6 buks I think.
Luckily, when I first started, I just knew I cud do it, of course I had some doubts and fears, but just knowing I cud plus I was in a position of being desperate with no other options seemed to help.
So, get educated, stay focused, and never give up.