Hard money ?

Do anybody know of a personal hard money lender that they have use to get a loan with bad credit and don’t need any money to close? :help

I don’t mean to be ignorant, but good luck.

I just did a hard money loan for a guy with bad credit and no money down…But he had a free and clear property that he put up as collateral and I lent him %50 LTV and I have the deed in trust…So it all depends on the circumstances…

I was going to ask about collateral, because there will always be someone out there willing to lend money against collateral!

what does the deal look like? what are the LTV’s? what your looking for is getting harder and harder to find.

I would think you would need one or the other …credit or money.

Unless it is somehow an AMAZING deal , and you have a solid plan

But otherwise why would they lend when there are plenty of people with some money and at good credit to lend to?

Those lending days are over my friend. Good luck!