Hard Money?

I have been trying to get a hard money loan for this townhouse i saw in Chantilly VA. The lenders are a bit picky because i already figured out a ARV for the propety but they keep coming with there ARV which is a lot lower. How do i get them to understand that the ARV im provideing is correct. They only lend on the ARV. Thanks for any help

They may be doing you a favor. How did you arrive at your ARV?

Perhaps you are using dated comps…it is my understanding that NoVA is getting pummeled. My parents live out in Culpeper and the RE there is a train-wreck.


The arv is from recent sales and also from many different realtors. You can check it out the address is 26096 lands end dr Chantilly Va

What would we check it for or against…?

The information in the thread is skeletal , at best.


the guys here are only telling you these things so you can double check your numbers. if the HML will only give you a certain amount, why don’t you use that in your favor and only offer that amount, and site the HML’s ARV and guidelines as the reason why you can only offer so much. Maybe they’ll come down and you can make more - or maybe it won’t work and they’ll save you from a headache.

Thanks for that information i think i will just have to make a lower offer. Thank you again

or try another hml in VA.

I share the thoughts of others though that the lender may be trying to help you

Recency of comps has taken on new meaning in most markets—gone are the days when 3 months is an acceptable barometer for market value…

Another contributing factor that might be at play is an adjustment for a declining market—FNMA has adopted a 5% reduction policy and the HML you are speaking to might be following suite…


Scott Miller