Hard Money

I want to fix and sell properties. I have two properties but I don’t want to use anymore of my money for future investments any suggestions?

Why would you not want to use your own $$ ???

it is the cheapest money to use!!!

Depends on what you want to do Sort.

Using your own money has some distinct advanatages - Higher profit margins, quicker response time to opportunity and the most control over the situation.

Using other people’s money has some advantages - less risk, ability to leverage money into higher numbers of deals, less of your own money means you can spend more time developing future deals.

So much of this is dependent on your financial situation, your credit profile, and the types of deals you want to structure in the future.

Speak with a mortgage consultant that specializes in investment properties. They’ll need to know programs for 100% financing, cash out with no seasoning, and rehab loans.