hard money

im looking for a hard money lender in the mass area…i have 3 houses going right now…and the money is tight, im looking to get 100% financing on foreclosures that need NO REPAIRS " …any minimul repairs would be done by me…paint, floors, ect…i look for homes that need no repairs with $30-50k in existing equity…i don’t think i can go coventional until i sell the projects i have going now… any ideas? thank you…

Why so sure that conventional lenders wont finance you?

100% financing for investment properties is readily available.

You may be a concerned about income restrictions. No need to be if your scores are high enough.

The number of properties you currently have financed is not an issue either.

A hard money lender is definitely an option though. Typicaly they will loan you up to 100% of the purchase price if within 65% of the after repaired value.