hard money?

what is hard money?

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There are definitely some good articles and information available right here on the site and more coming each month. I’d suggest spending some time reading and absorbing. You won’t regret it…

Hard money is basically getting a private loan from private individuals to finance properties. Most likely you need your own money down and there are a lot of fees involved.

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Hard money lenders are generally used for short term loans (6 mths is common) by rehabbers and flippers who can’ t get typical bank financing for the purchase + rehab costs. It’s expensive, as expected. You might pay 5 or 6 points up front and 12-14% interest during the term. The lender will expect you to have “skin in the game” of perhaps 30% of the purchase+rehab costs, and they’ll want to make sure that your all-in costs is 75% or less of the market value (ARV) of the property whem you’ve completed the work.

There are also “transactional lenders” who specialize in very short term (day or two) loans to facilitate back-to-back closings in wholesale transactions. They might charge 1% with a minimum of $1,500 for this money.

how about just using the list of hard money lenders on this site (under Investor Resources)