Here is the question as was asked of me by a friend today

Is a hard money loan broker /company any more legal or a scam if they donot have a web page ?

And if they are not willing to give up all information on what compines /bond compines they work for are they then a scam ?

Thoughts of the members wanted


Was wondering if any one has heard of a thing called security/performance bond ?

In dealling with a hard money loan

What is a security/performance bond >>and what will it do in the case f a loan hard money ?

the beauty of the internet is the fact that if it is pretty enough it give anyone the ability to appear as if they have a real business. There are no licensing requirements or permits needed to own a website.

A web site cost about $5 per month for hosting, about $25 per year for registration and about $700 or less to create and setup. All that being the case, does it really matter if a business has a website?


real estate 001 …

Just curious, are you talking about a company called CENTRAL BUSINESS ASSOCIATES, and a guy named Bruce Carver?

ONE of there are others

Why do you ask ?

Drop me a personal message as to what you know of them