Hard Money Rehab Loans

Rehabber needs Hard Money Lender to build a long term relationship with. I will be making offers on various properties (mostly single family) and will need cash fast to get the deal! My offers will be between 65-70% ARV. A large number of them will be on rehab’s, some may also be don’t wanter rental’s. I will need between 50-100+ K per deal and will provide a written contractor’s rehab expense sheet, along with comp’s and projected profits with each offer. As New Mexico is a Mortgage State, some lenders have said NO! any suggestions?

Have you tried the Hard Money Lenders link to the left under Investor Resources?


New Mexico does not have a lot of options for HML. Maybe less than a handful that will consider this area. There are a handful of questions that need to be addressed to determine which lender would be best suited.

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