Hard money refi's and property management company

I am looking for a lender that is good at refinaning hard money loans

and good property management company


Hard money loans are no harder to refi then a normal loan. That is if you are not credit challenged and needing a subprime loan. Those will be a bit more difficult.

Under normal conforming guidelines these are done quite frequently. The main issue you will run into is the seaoning of value if you are looking to get cash out above the payoff.

I’d suggest speaking to a mortgage cosultant that specializes in investment loans nationwide such as these.

HML have purchase guildlines of around 65% or less of value. So if you are trying to refinance a property that is 65% or less of the market value than you will easily be able to find a lender that can service your refy.

I agree with investment loans about the seasoning requirments. But you will definitely find lenders that will refinance with only a month or two of seasoning as long as you have equity in the property. The only reason you would run into seasoning issues is if you tried to refy at 100%. But a 60%, 70% or 80% refy will be no problem.

Good points.

Even 90% is still availble for reduced doc with no seasoning.

The good old days of 100% NOO refy’s with no seasoning are probably gone forever. Oh well, I did one and I spent the money and only have a bigger mortgage to show for it. So its probably better to stay closer to the 80% or less refy to give yourself some cushion room in your property. If you refy at 90% your interest rate will be higher then a refy at 80%, and it will even be lower if you refy at 70%. So that is something to keep in mind if you are planning to buy and hold.

$100,000 Property
65,000 Owed
80,000 Refy (80% refy + cash out - closing cost).
Use the 10,000-12,000 cash out to buy more properties. Or if you have credit issues then just do a straight 65% refy.

Actually the days of NOO cash out refis with no seasoning is still alive (but not kicking like it use to)…

There are still other new ways emerging to make up for the fallen cash out refi soldiers…things like pairing up NOO 1st liens with seller 2nds will take on increased popularity in the days to come.


Scott Miller

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