Hard Money Qualifacation

Hello Everyone… I am looking to finance my first deal through Hard Money. I have leads to various properties with equity in them and dont need much rehab. My only problem is I am only 19 yrs. old and I dont have the best job in the world… but I have great deals and the little bit of credit history I have is perfect and I have no expenses b/c I live w/ my parents. The deals cant be wholesaled so I wanted to go the hard money route. Does anyone know where I’d be able to qualify for a Hard Money loan. Thanks in advance…!!!

There’s a couple people who should be able to get your rehabs done.

Sent you over an email.


How is your parents credit? can,t you partner up with them.
As a way to get started in REI. My understanding is that HML,s should olny be used as a last resort. good luck.