Hard Money & Private Money on pause?

I have heard a couple of lenders take a pause why they figure out what is going to happen with the market. It doesn’t seem widespread but wanted to check if people are seeing this or is the money still available in your market?

As far as I know it’s still available, but people are definitely being more cautious than before. Most people are hoarding cash because of the uncertainty of whether or not they will need it in the coming months.

Banks are focused on helping existing clients who need to defer payments and have paused new business for the time being, in my experience.

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Actually Most Lenders stop Lending due to the Pandemic but there are several Lenders that are still currently Lending despite the Market conditions but only with restricted lending criteria. If you need help with funding on any deal,we will be glad to point you in the right direction. Just send me a PM

Can you please send me more information on all lenders that are currently lending in Chicago, Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin.

I am a Private Money Lender and can fund in most of the states in the United States, including Chicago, Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin. The process is fast and easy and bad credit is OK. Private Money is plentiful, because our money is not connected to institutional regulations. Our money comes from Private Equity Funds. We have more money to lan as you have Deals to fund. So contact me and let’s talk. Carolyn Stefanski 229-308-2203

Tim, my company We-Say-Yes Funding, Inc will lend in those states. contact me and let’s talk. Carolyn Stefanski, 229-308-2203

Yea I actually lend myself don’t hesitate to reach out! nobleequitysolutions.com