Hard Money/Private funding/investors needed...

Im looking for funds To do deals in Newark nj,(essex)…No games!!! these projects with very little rehab will be bought at a deep discount an sold for profit…The numbers will be right on the buy not the sale…

have you tried the Hard Money Lenders List to the left of this posting?

I looked!! None for my neck of the woods…

Have you visited any of your local REI meetings? Talked with other investors in your market?

I guess i just have to weed through the fakers!!!


Your approach appears unprofessional and with inexperience! This is a relationship business and you will not get money without building those relationships and without those people having confidence in you and your projects.

It is simple to engage people in conversation about investing in real estate. People will invest if it makes sense, it is secured, and they beleive YOU know what you are doing.

Stop looking in the forum venues for money. Go to people that you know, who already have confidence in your abilities. Present a realistic gameplan, good returns, and security…do this with humility as well as confidence and you will get your money.


Every new investor should print and frame Robs post. It works just that way.

I get requests just like bee"s about once a week…And you have to see how irate the person becomes when you tell them NO or they need money in the deal…They give you the same line over and over again…But the other hard money lender would do it…And my response is always so why are u calling me…