Hard Money plans

Hello guys… does any of you guys have any information on any nationwide HML’s or any that lend in Michigan?
Thanks in Advance!!

What is the need for the Hard Money? I know several of lenders including myself but need to know specifics to determine whats best for you. I specialize in Rehabs and New Residential Construction myself.

I am looking for hard money to finance bank foreclosure deals that I have. I need a pre approval in order to work with the guy who will be providing my leads. He is on the Michigan board of REO Realtors in all 3 of the major counties, he is currently sitting on over 500 properties and has acess tomany more. All I need is financing and I can make some deals happen. Thanks in Advance!!

Why not get the property in foreclosure before it become REO.

Besides my sig block… you can also check out the list of hard money lenders on this site.

I would love to get them before the foreclosure but I need some type of proof of funds in order to complete a short sale. What do you suggest?

Most reputable HMLs or Banks will have a “pre-approval” process that you should go through, in the end they will give you the Approval Letter you need to make your offers.

Get approved or find partners or get a group of people like a real estate investment trust.