Hard Money Pennysvania?

Hi I just bought a house in MONESSEN, PA and Im looking for rehab money my credit is shot right now and please no brokers are needed. What Im looking for is someone who has some money in order to fix the home up with. I can do all the work as have been in the construction field my whole life.

I will own the home free and clear in two more weeks and according to BOA the home valuation is between 46k-75k I only need 20k to rehab the house. My goal is to fix and sell the home and to get rid of it fast by pricing it 10-20% lower than what it is actually worth.

Anyone know where a credit bad person can get rehab funding for this project?

New Investor,
I am a new investor myself as well. I would suggest you partner up with someone, friend, family, etc or find an investor to fund project. In turn for their funding, you can either split financial gains from flipping property or pay back what owed and any additional fee you and the person comes up with. Investors are always looking for ways to make easy money. This is relatively easier to an investor becuase you stated you will be doing the work. Keep in mind, know what your limitations are. If you need assistance with the work, get it! You’ll be under a timeline to complete the work. Also, when initaiating contract, make sure you are proteceted.
Good Luck.

my question is this Why can you not find a investor where the home is that will work with you ?? As well if you can not then why not if it is just as well free and clear get alon for the rehab secured by the home ?

and do you have a general contractors lic. so you can do the work and have and make it pass any and all inspections ??