Does anyone know of a hard money lender who will do a rehab loan under $50k? Most eveyone I know is over $50k or requires an min ARV of 75k.

I have two properties under contract in S. Oak Cliff. Need to roll rehab, closing, and points into loan. I need to close fast!

Will make Good sec. 8 rentals a 4bdrm and 3bdrm. I plan to refi after rehabbing. I am already approved for that. Just having a hard time finding someone to do a small loan.

Anyone out there??? :help

We do loans as small as 30K HARDMONEY

Only in the state of Florida


That being said… you say the ARV is 75K and you want 50K

65% of 75,000 = 48,750

“And you say you want all closing cost and points into the loan” - Really not going to happen

Points will be between 5 and 10points = up to $5,000 in points

Closing cost would be another 5K to 8K

Hope that helps you out.

Is S Oak Cliff by Dallas?

There are a handful of lenders that can entertain going below $50k.

Several other factors need to be reviewed. Will send an email.