Need hard money for purchase and rehab of apt. buildings in OH and KY Big equity spread. Looking for 50-60% ARV, including rehab cost. Positive cash flow potential.
Small Loan amounts under $200k

Anyone know of someone?

You could always try a bridge loan


AS far as the funds they can be got but the cost for the funds are you ready for that ?

And do you have a good exit plan as they will be short term

s 200 k could cost you as much and may be more then 12 K to get for only 18 to 24 may be 36 months

I don’t mind paying the points. I figrued on doing the repairs, renting the units and once occupied doing a refi. Mostly want it for cash flow. Do you know of any lenders who will do this loan? The loan amounts are fairly small. One of the buildings im looking at the loan would be under 100k.